Hello! And another shout-out for "Book"

Hello! And welcome to nataliehoopes.com! (Ooh, aaah, so fancy!) I finally decided to get a big-girl website like a proper adult. I want to say that this blog is something that I will update twice a week, but I also know that I've never been very diligent about blogging in the past. I last for about a paragraph before I get bored and make nachos instead. I'll just sort of loosely aim for once or twice a month and hope this doesn't waste away. 

In any case, I have many fun projects planned for the future that I want to share. Some professional, some personal, some absolute messes, but all time well spent. Most of them need to simmer and stew a bit longer before they make it to the website, so here's one that might be old news at this point: I illustrated a book! It's called "Book"! (Yes, I promise that is actually what it is called)

By David W Miles

I had the pleasure of illustrating a story written by my friend David Miles. It's the first picture book I've illustrated that has actually been published! It was such a bizarre and wonderful feeling to hold a copy in my hands for the first time. All my blood, sweat and tears finally paid off! 

As of right now, they are out of stock on amazon.com. This is great news for me, but I know a lot of people are impatient for their copy to come and I am very sorry it's been taking so long. I believe they should be back  in stock by September 1st, though I am not certain. As soon as I get any updates, I will post something. 

Thank you for all of your patience and support! A large part of why I am even bothering with a website is because I have so many loving friends and family members who have supported me and what I do for so long. I am very spoiled. 

I hope you like the website! I plan on adding more things in the future so keep checking back ;)